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I’m sure most have heard about the 15 year old girl from South Hadley, Mass who committed suicide after enduring the bullying of a group of classmates for a prolonged time.  As Amy was a victim of bullying, I can only imagine the heartbreak of her family.  It is this parent’s worst nightmare.  We struggled so long to keep Amy going so she didn’t choose this option to end her torment.

Below is a link to an interesting article by Dr. Keith Ablow which sheds some light about how bullies choose their victims.  I found it very interesting and probably true in Amy’s case.  His theory is that they can somehow intuit sensitive kids who can be more vulnerable than others.  I know this is the case with Amy.,2933,590111,00.html

It’s funny, she has friends now who are trying to help her become stronger in sticking up for herself.  They’re trying to help her learn that she should confront those who disparage her at school.  One has even become her self-appointed body guard!

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April 6, 2010 by

Hank and I are now on day three without Amy.  She is on spring break and enjoying it with her grandparents.  We are decompressing.

Amy is not an easy child to parent.  Don’t get me wrong, she is delightful and one of the greatest people it has been my pleasure to know.  I love her with all of my being.  However, it is exhausting to be her parent.

Until today, I never really could put my finger on why this is.  Today, however, out of the blue, it hit me.  I have to be constantly leading her.  Although it has been nearly two years since she was last hospitalized, I am still leading her daily.  Those three years of finding the right meds, therapist and hospitalizations, she lost three years of development.  She just doesn’t understand how life works.

We have to explain so much to her – why people do what they do, how to make friends, what she needs to do to complete a project, how to keep track of her stuff, etc.  It’s like puberty on an accelerated course.  We have to teach her what she should have learned along the way from ages 12 to 15 as quickly as possible and it’s exhausting.

So Hank and I are taking this week as a breather.

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