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Murder by Proxy?

April 10, 2012 by

Another teen has taken his life due to bullying. You can read the article

I want to explore a couple of paragraphs from the article that I feel are disturbing as they deflect the blame from the bullies:

While there are no hard and fast statistics linking bullying to suicide, Dr. Melissa Reeves, a school psychologist and expert on bullying, says harassment by peers can be a “big factor” in youth suicide but that it’s usually one among many causes.

“When they really get to a sense of hopelessness and helplessness, you know, where they see no other way out of this particular situation, then, unfortunately that is when we do see completed suicides,” said Reeves, chair of a National Association of School Psychologists’ Prepare Working Group on Crisis Prevention and Intervention.

In Amy’s case, she developed severe depression because of the bullying.  The constant insults and taunting made her think that she was worthless.  Because it was inescapable, she thought there was no way out.  It’s surprising that a school psychologist would play with words here rather than making the causal link.  Everything I’ve read says that depression is defined as a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

I’m so thankful we saved Amy from that fate.  To brag a bit, she is graduating in June with an honors diploma and 18 college credits.  She was a member of the speech team for four years (no easy feat for a person with depression!).  She has been accepted by her first choice college and starts in the fall.  To think that this poor young man will never be here to achieve his potential is hurtful to our society.  To think that just some small minded people drove him away is even worse.

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