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I’ve posted before about choosing a therapist and our missteps in our choice of Amy’s first therapist.  The link below is a great introduction in what to expect from therapy.  Really, for Amy, we realized that she needed a coach-type therapist.  Her first therapist just lectured.  Her second, and still current, therapist is more the coach.  She helps guide Amy in understanding her thinking and pointing out unhealthy thoughts.

Depressed people have such a skewed view of the world and that just feeds the disease and the negative spiral.  The right therapist will help your child verbalize those views, explore why they may believe that, debunk the idea and then help them learn to replace the negative view with reality.

This article gives you a listing of what to look for and expect from a therapist.  I wish we had read it earlier in Amy’s treatment.  Maybe we wouldn’t have wasted that  year with the first therapist.

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