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Update on Amy

September 12, 2010 by

I’ve been writing this blog for nearly a year now and Amy is in such a good place that I feel the need to share.  For those parents who are currently in the throes of this struggle, it is my wish to give you some hope.  As a recap, Amy was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety five years ago, at age 12. This happened due to bullying during her entire 5th grade.  What followed was three years of sporadic hospital stays, two therapists, two years of trying to find the right medication combination and a lot of fear.  Fear on her part because she wasn’t calm and couldn’t trust her perception of the world.  Fear on our part because she was suicidal.

Amy has been stable for the past two years and growing as a person.  She has worked hard at school and is achieving her potential in her grades.  She is taking honors and AP courses this year.

To make it even better, she is very active socially.   To me, this is her greatest triumph.  My depressed and anxious daughter who once thought faceless ninjas were out to kill her, is now a member of the speech team!   In fact, she was selected as outstanding sophomore on the team this spring.  She has found several clubs that she joined at our library and she usually has some activity there every week.

One of the things that helped her during her recovery was her online activity with the Harry Potter Alliance.  She adores the messages of these books and found like-minded friends on line in this group.  They are devoted to fighting injustice in the world and a group of very conscientious world citizens.  If you’re interested in their activities, stop by their website at

Amy credits them with saving her during her darkest alone times.  It gave her hope that she would persevere.  Their motto: “The weapon we have is love” gave her confidence that she could overcome the devastation that her bullies inflected upon her.  There are caring people in this world and she found them there.

I’m really happy for her.  She’s become a “normal” high school junior and is handling the ups and downs of life.  It’s taken five years but she’s back where she should be!!

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