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I’ve talked with many parents of teens with depression and a few are afraid of putting their children on medication.  They fear unknown long term side effects.  It is a difficult choice but Hank and I put it in black or white terms – either she gets the meds or she is successful in a suicide attempt.  That made the choice pretty easy in our case.

It’s not to say that we didn’t have problems with Amy’s meds.   During a six month period where we were trying to find the right combination and dosages, there were some nasty side effects.  And, even with the right meds for her mood, there are also some less desirable, but manageable, side effects.

She was on one anti-psychotic that made her like a zombie.  I swear she did everything but drool in the corner.  Another gave her what we came to find out was called dystonia.  The symptoms looked like a stroke.  She had weakness on her left side and her face was drooping.  I remember rushing her to the emergency room with her sister, all the way thinking my 13 year old was having a stroke.  We were very lucky as some benadryl took care of the problem (an allergic reaction to the med).

I wouldn’t want to change our decision.  I am hopeful as her psychiatrist is going to try to wean her off the anti-psychotic in May.  This is the worst med for her physically as it has caused a great weight gain and a higher than normal cholesterol and triglyceride level.  Maybe when she’s off of it, she’ll get back to a healthier weight.  Even if we’re unable to take her off of it, she’s still here every day for me to love.

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2 Responses to We Said Yes to the Meds

  1. expombVop on September 1, 2010 at 2:48 pm

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  2. Tina on May 12, 2010 at 9:50 pm

    Lydia, after 3 years on the same SSRI, my daughter’s doctor is switching her to a different one, at her request. The fact that she actually let him know that she was still suffering with the depression (it was getting worse, not better) was HUGE. In the past she has had a difficult time reaching out for help. I always had to “guess” what was going on by how she was acting (sleeping alot, irritable, forgetful, etc.) Half the battle is having them be on board with their own treatment, it seems. Thanks so much for this blog … it is really helpful!

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