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How many times has this gone through your head?  We’re all running through this mess, trying to keep our kids safe and bring them back to reality but we’re sailing in chartered waters.  There is no map or any similar personal experience to guide us.  We’re on our own and just doing the best we can.

Surprisingly, Showtime has captured the essence of living with a person with mental illness in their relatively new series United States of Tara.  The title character has multiple personalities but this is no ordinary Sybil-like program.  Instead, they also focus on the spouse, children and others who are affected by the character’s illness.

Hank and I found this program while Amy was away and it really opened up conversation about things that we just couldn’t deal with at the time.  For example, at one point the teenaged daughter declares that the family is f***ed.  Hank and I just started laughing knowingly for we understood all too well.

You know that having the hospital psych ward and your pharmacy’s phone numbers in the contacts directory of your cell phone is completed f***ed!  You know that having your child yell “Why won’t you let me kill myself?” is completely f***ed but what else can you do?

There were so many times we had to deal with things so far outside the scope of normal but never had the luxury to really evaluate our feelings about them.  Amy had enough emotion going on, we didn’t need to add ours to the mix so ours got put aside, on hold, until the day when we could start to let them out.

I highly recommend this program for parents of mentally ill children but only after your child is relatively stable.  I think it would have been too painful for us to watch two years ago when she was still so fragile and we were still so scared.  Let’s face it, the consequences of failing our child are dire and the pressure almost unbearable.

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12 Responses to WTF Do We Do Now?

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